Spring is here!

If you live in the northeast, you know we have had a tough winter and its carried over into to spring. But this past weekend, the day before Easter, we had a warm day! And sunny! And not crazy windy. A trifecta! So naturally I dragged my girls off to our favorite preserve to get pictures of them in their colorful Easter outfits. I had so much fun putting their outfits together. I hate matching them; they aren’t twins and even then I probably wouldn’t match them. But I live to coordinate. I’m sure it comes from my Interior Design background.

Admittedly, Piper’s dress could have been a size smaller. But I loved the color combos. And I had to match their shoes because I loved those shoes too much and I knew it would work for both outfits:

Zoe just loves her sister so much and I love the joy in her face at watching her sister run: How cute are my girls: I know I’m biased, but they really are so freaking adorable: Sometimes, in the midst of Zoe’s 3.5 year old antics, she stops. Well, maybe its more like pauses. She’s calm and pensive. These are my favorite moments captured: This will need to be a huge canvas somewhere in my house: I swear, I could probably fill a whole book with the amount of pictures I have of Zoe looking down. They just always seem to be my favorites and just strike me in such a way: Glorious sun: I asked Piper to give “Sisi”, as she says Zoe, a hug. She did. Love it!: And every once a while, Piper pauses too: And then Zoe, out of no where, starts dancing! I super duper crazy love this series: Sisters: The sun went behind a big cloud and I glanced over and saw this fallen tree. We have WAY too many fallen tress thanks to Sandy. So I figured I might as well use them, right?! Zoe is getting really good and holding a pose when I position her: This might also need to be a large canvas: Love the color version too: Sigh. The softness of the colors in this picture makes my heart happy. I love this image: That super, soft, sun rim lighting on Zoe’s hair and Piper? That’s the stuff mama loves: And the ultimate trifecta: sun, Piper is looking at the camera AND smiling. I am one happy mamatog (and yes, I think I just made up that word!): Happy Spring everyone!

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