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Last week I had the opportunity to do a sunset family shoot with Dina, Chris, Jack and Jesse. Dina & Chris have completely dazzling smiles. Its kind of annoying. I mean, I went through 5 years of braces in my adolescence only for my teeth to be crooked again in my adulthood! I did feel slightly better when they told me both of their smiles were orthodontically enhanced. But all kidding aside, this family is so gorgeous. I actually told Dina & Chris they should have a million kids and need to populate the world with good smiles! Dina & Chris are both teachers and Chris told me they will actually be teaching together this year. Like, in the same classroom. I think that is pretty cool!

We decided to a beach shoot and I recommended Point Lookout again, as the shoot with my nephews and Zoe turned out to so good. But I was met with the same set of challenges from that shoot, with too many shadows. So while its a great location as far as backgrounds and such, for lighting, maybe its not so great. Lesson learned. Despite that annoying little glitch, I was able to get oodles of amazing shots. Dina confessed she’s not a big fan of sand and therefore they never go to the beach. After seeing how much the boys loved it all, I’m wondering how next summer will fare for them.

As soon I turned the camera on 5 year old Jack, he brought it. And he kept it up and kept us laughing:

He really stole the spotlight:

We did get him to allow the rest of the family to join his shoot and he (mostly) behaved (notice the sand being kicked….) And was I lying about those smiles?????:

I lovelovelove this picture of Jesse. Being almost 2 (his birthday is the day after Zoe’s!), all he wanted to do was go and explore:

And he really didn’t want to cooperate when he was confined, but look at that FACE and his stunning eyes:

Next we moved on to the awesome yellow lifeguard stands and Jack eagerly climbed up first and we let him have his moment again. This yielded my favorite shot of the evening and definitely one of my favorite shots ever:

How old is Jesse going to be on his next birthday? Dina, you really need to use this on his invitation:

This kid is seriously going to be a heartbreaker when he’s older:

Oh wait, so is this one:

Next we headed down to the water, because let’s face it, put a 5 year old and an-almost 2 year old at the beach and try to keep them away from the water! But the sun was at such a really pretty spot:

So see what I mean about this location being amazing, except for those pesky shadows:

I think I could take pictures of this kid all day long:

These next two pictures make my heart melt. I love seeing displays of sibling love like this:

The boys really started to get pretty wet, so eventually Jesse’s clothes had to be sacrificed and once we removed that diaper….:

This next montage is of a nekkid Jesse. You so know Dina will some day embarrass Jesse with these photos but come on, how cute is that little dimpled butt??!! The last picture was right before a devastated Jesse dropped his bottle into the ocean (but don’t worry, he got it back!):

  • Meg - September 9, 2010 - 4:03 pm

    Gorgeous family…gorgeous shots!ReplyCancel

  • roya - September 10, 2010 - 8:52 am

    GREAT session!!! they must be LOVING these pictures. i have one thing to say: baby butt!! : )ReplyCancel

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