3 Words and Some Stuff About Me

Even though I currently have zero interest in becoming a wedding photographer, some of my favorite photographers are wedding photographers. I’m completely and utterly obsessed with Jessica Claire.  Her style is very much my style or at least how I aspire my style to be. Her pictures are so natural and emotional and real. I get her pictures. The other photographer I’ve been watching a lot lately is Jasmine Star. I’m even watching the CreativeLIVE 5-day wedding course she did. And I’m learning A LOT. And not about what I thought I would learn about.

One of the things she talks about is developing your brand. Having worked with graphic designers for 7 years, I completely understand this. I understand that we need to brand ourselves (in whatever business it is you do), so this wasn’t a new concept to me. But she also talked about repelling and attracting clients. That is her goal. She either wants to repel or attract the wrong/right clients. Now, I realize I am just starting this business so maybe I shouldn’t be picky. And I’m not saying I am. But if you are looking for all posed, artificially lit, studio-type pictures, I’m not your girl. You’re better off at Sears Portrait Studio or the myriad of other studios who shoot in this format.

And this brings me to the other point she talked a lot about, which is developing your 3 words. 3 words that describe your style of shooting. And these 3 words should always be represented in the images you put out for prospective clients to see. The difference with wedding photographers and lifestyle photographers, which is what I am, is that wedding photographers are one time clients. My clients (will hopefully) be repeat clients. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be presenting my work for future clients. Because like Jasmine says, I want to repel and attract. Maybe it sounds a little obnoxious but it really isn’t. If I’m not happy with the clients, most likely the pictures aren’t going to be their best. And if the pictures aren’t their best, then those clients will not only not be repeat clients, but they won’t refer me to anyone else either. So this got me thinking a lot about my 3 words. I came up with 2 that absolutely define me and my work. Those are TIMELESS and EMOTIONAL. But the 3rd word is where I get stuck because I feel like its a slash-type of thing. At first I thought stunning or breathtaking, but maybe not every shot is going to be stunning or breathtaking. So the other word that stands out in my mind is NATURAL. And this is with more than one connotation. Natural describes my style in the sense that I only shoot natural light. I don’t have lights I set up, no flash, just what light is available. But natural also describes my style. I want to capture what is naturally happening in that moment. That is where the emotion is. I also prefer a natural setting.

So I guess that would make my 3 words:


Oh, but then I realized I LOVELOVELOVE details. And not only in my photography but in everything I do. In my design, in my party planning, etc. But some of my favorite pictures I take are of feet or eyelashes or hands. Its those DETAILS that bring out the EMOTION and help make them TIMELESS and are often the most NATURAL and BREATHTAKING.

So I don’t really have 3 words. More like 2 + 3 more!

One picture that I think encapsulates every.word is this one:

To me, this picture is TIMELESS, EMOTIONAL, NATURAL, STUNNING, BREATHTAKING and DETAILED. (Ok, maybe that’s 6 words….)

Here are some other examples to showcase 4 of my words.





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