spring has sprung! (for real this time)

I know I said spring was here in my last post, but it really hit us last week. Actually, we had a few days that felt like late spring/early summer weather. Our temperatures hit about 80! And I decided to do something I’ve never done before and take my girls for a photo shoot. Alone. By myself. I still can’t believe I didn’t talk myself out it! But it was too gorgeous of a day to waste it and I had to amazingly adorable outfits sitting around begging for a beautiful day and a beautiful location.

The place I wanted to take the girls to was closed on Tuesday (Of course I drove there having absolutely no clue about that fact.) So I quickly thought of the arboretum that I love and drove up there instead. I knew they suffered a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy and had no idea if anything would be blooming at all. I was so happy to see that a few trees had lots of blossoms. There is a beautiful greenhouse right by the entrance, that provided stunning light and luscious backdrops.

Outfits by The Measure
Piper’s headband by Joyfolie

Piper loved running back and forth and really didn’t want to sit still. Of course, this was highly stressful for me. No more hard surfaces if I’m alone again:

Zoe is such a kind and wonderful big sister. She wanted to hold Piper’s hand and help her all the time (of course Piper wants to be independent and not be held back!):

Piper can’t jump yet, of course, but it really looks like she is here. Love it:

Piper actually cried when I took them out of the greenhouse. Then I took them to an even more stressful location. With steps. Glad I was able to grab these two images before taking them to the grass:

Ah, the grass. Much safer! And blooming trees! Yay:

Oh spring, how I heart you:

Zoe was so happy to see the yellow flowers on the ground. Earlier in the day, we were playing in the yard and Zoe found a small yellow flower on the ground. I told her not to pick it so we can watch how it grows and no sooner did I finish that sentence, Ellie strolls on over and eats it! Zoe was SO upset! At least Ellie can’t eat these flowers: Love the architecture:

Love this girl:

Run, run, run: Yet another shot of Zoe looking down. And her perfectly perfected pout: This picture makes my heart swoon a thousand times over: I think Piper had enough with the picture taking. She just ran down the path toward me like this: Le sigh: Looking forward to warmer and warmer days ahead!

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