Piper is one!

Well, actually she turned one in January. And I did at least take her pictures int he same month. I just finally got around to editing them and getting them ready for the blog!

Piper came into our lives as a peaceful and calm soul. the day we took her home from the hospital, as she slept in her lamb seat on the table while we ate dinner, I had an overwhelming feeling that we were now a complete family. All was idyllic and wonderful for a few weeks. Then Piper started crying and screaming. Ear-splitting, raise the dead screams all the time. Her favorite time to scream was at night, after Zoe had gone to bed and we wanted to relax and watch TV. While she left the hospital an amazing breast feeder, she soon rejected me. I worked with a lactation consultant, cried all the time and was in massive pain. I felt like I never saw Zoe, even though we was home all the time. When Piper did sleep, like a newborn should, it was wonderful. She’d sleep on my chest or shoulder and we dubbed her “the sleeping pill” because once she was snuggled up to you, you couldn’t help but fall asleep too. But when she screamed, oh boy was it bad. I couldn’t handle it. My blood pressure was all over the place, either really high or really low and that severely effected my ability to handle stress and keep my already overly hormonal moods in check. I finally (and tearfully) had to give up attempting to breast feed and pumping to get on different blood pressure medicines. In between all that, we were at the pediatrician constantly, trying to figure out the screaming. We tested her numerous times for a milk-protein allergy, switched her formula and adjusted her dose of her acid reflux medicine (like Zoe, she spit up all the time. Possible worse. It was insane the amount of outfit changes, bibs and burp cloths we went through a day.) Finally, after at least 4 tests, 5 formulas, a change of acid reflux medicine and almost 5 months, we discovered she did indeed have a milk protein allergy and became a normal, happy baby. And as if all that wasn’t horrible enough, 2 days before she turned 3 months old, we had to put our first dog, Devo to sleep. (I will post a blog post shortly telling that whole sad story in a few weeks.) I feel into a depression that waxed and waned for almost a year now. (We wound up losing all 3 of our whippets within 9 months of each other; putting our last one, Falco to sleep two days before Piper’s first birthday and party. Happy ending: we now how 2 two new whippets and my heart is finally healing.)

To say that Piper’s first year was my hardest year of my life would be a massive understatement. But she has also brought so much happiness and joy and laughter to our lives. She is so happy and silly and funny. She has become such a sweet girl who loves to gives kisses and hugs. She LOVES to eat and thankfully outgrew her allergy. So much so that she loves spicy food! Like, really spicy. No more reflux for her! She loves her big sister and her sister loves her. They play together really well (99% of the time) and no one makes Piper laugh the way Zoe does. She is one amazing little girl. She absolutely adores her dogs (it saddens me that she won’t ever remember Devo, Echo & Falco but Hudson & Ellie will be the dogs she grows up with.)  She isn’t the least bit shy, doesn’t “take” strange to anyone and revels in the attention that is poured upon her in public. She is just a remarkable little girl.

My Piper Isabel, the girl who steals my heart everyday:

Not surprisingly, the headband didn’t last long: Checking out the world (these were shot in my friend’s natural light studio): No daddy don’t take my chapsticks!” So happy:

“Oh me? You mean its not normal to be sitting on a mini couch in a pettiskirt doing the Vulcan sign?” Love how happy she is!: Love this girl so much: Love her little butt: Piper’s top teeth came in very oddly, with her fangs coming in before her middle teeth. Pardon the “up the nose” shot, but I wanted to capture her crazy teeth: Happy belated birthday, my little Pipercorns. I love you!

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