A late winter’s snow

Last Friday, we woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground. All winter long, the weather people never seemed to predict it right, particularly for the south shore of Long Island, where I live. They keep saying we’re going to get hit then “poof”, nothing. Too warm and we get rain. Yet friends who live a few miles away get quite a few inches. Its been frustrating to me because I love the snow and I love to photograph in the snow! Then in February we got one big blizzard that dropped over a foot of snow on the south shore and many other communities got over 2 feet!!! I was able to take Zoe out and shoot in the snow with her the day after, but since the snow fell in the darkness I couldn’t shoot while it was snowing. And then after that storm, I picked up a cute faux fur jacket for her that would be perfect to use in the snow. So I had to wait.

And then last Friday morning, not only was there snow on the ground, but it was still snowing!!!! I looked at Zoe, still in her pajamas and said “Do you want to go to school or do you want to stay home and take pictures and play in the snow?” As you might expect from a 3.5 year old, a huge smile spread across her face and she said “Stay home and play in the snow.” So there you have it, I called her nursery school and told the school director that Zoe was playing hookey. I like to think this makes me a cool mom, even if it was for my own selfish reasons. 🙂

I got her dressed up in her new coat, a pretty dress and we took a very short drive and took some fun pictures. Then we came home, had pancakes and played in her real snow suit. Then she took a nice nap! Not a bad Friday in late winter, if you ask me!!!

Zoe…..jumping? A little snow isn’t going to stop her:

I love her hair just randomly whipping around in the air. And I loved it both color and b & w:

Loved this otherwise boring line of sparse bush made beautiful by the snow:

She pulled on the branch and just watched the snow fall:

She was just so cute, standing in the snow instead of being in school:

It was pretty chilly out and she wanted her gloves back. Since her coat didn’t have pockets, I had to oblige, even though I was worried they might “ruin” the pictures:

I love her big smile here:

Then she decided to pull a branch and laughed when a bunch of snow feel on her. then she exclaimed “Its snow!”, as if they snow falling from the sky didn’t count:

She kept saying she wanted to leave, but then she laid down and started to make a snow angel. Love her:

The next day it was in the 50’s, most of the snow had disappeared and she was playing in the yard again…in a light jacket! It was pretty surreal. And now I’m really ready for spring and summer!!!!

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