I am not a “newborn” photographer. My first newborn session was Piper’s and that was actually set up by a photografriend who offered to come do Piper’s pictures, so of course I shot too! It only yielded a few pictures that I took that I loved, but I learned so much watching someone else. She lugged in a lot of equipment and lights and after seeing her pictures I, I see why she needed all that she did!! But I’m a natural light photographer, so I don’t own all the fancy lighting. So when our family friend Laura Lee asked me to do a newborn shoot at her house of her third son, who was born 6 weeks after Piper, I was a little worried about what I’d be able to produce. Did her house have good natural light inside? She assured me that it did and boy was she right! Their living room is south facing with a huge picture window and 2 sky lights!!! And their bedroom? also south facing with an amazing picture window too! With a seat! Any worries I had about inadequate lighting was gone and I knew we’d be able to have a beautiful session. Laura Lee & John are such warm and welcoming people. Oldest son Cole is a stunner at 5 (and the pictures will prove what an amazing big brother he is!) and 2 year old Braden is a very happy little boy (he & Zoe had a mommy & me class together!) But apparently there is something about a camera that brings out the inner crank in Braden and he just becomes miserable. He cried a lot during the session. Thankfully, mom & dad are very laid back and didn’t freak out. They let him do his thing and we did manage to get a few good shots of the family without tears. I do wish I could have gotten a few more shots of all 3 brothers, but I can’t fault him for feeling a little overwhelmed that day. His baby brother was only 9 days old!!!

When I got to the house, Laura Lee had everyone dressed impeccably, including baby Graeme (and see what I mean about the light??):

Cole loves holding his new baby brother:

Then it was time to get Graeme undressed and capture all those amazing little details before they get too big:

It should come as no surprise that the foot shot is my favorite, but it is rivaled by the shot of his little hand by his belly button:

I love the back wrinkles:

Laura Lee’s parents stopped by during our shoot and I was so happy to see them. Not only are very good friends of my-laws, but Laura Lee and her dad are also our dentists (which reminds me, I really need to for a check-up….) But Grandma was wearing this gorgeous fur-lined wrap and I couldn’t help but wrap Graeme up in it:

Love the tongue:

Next it was time to bring the big brothers back in (and I hoped that maybe Braden was feeling happier. He wasn’t really, but we managed to get him to laugh):

Then we decided to head up to the amazingly wel-lit master bedroom. Braden was still pretty unhappy, so John & Laura Lee had a little fun throwing Cole & Braden on the bed for some laughs:

I was so excited to try this shot. They, as a family, has just the right amount of pairs of feet to perfectly frame Graeme’s in the middle. The best part of the shot? Graeme’s little feet up in the air, of course:

The secret to getting an unhappy 2 yr old to stop crying? Put on “Fresh Beat Band” on the huge TV behind the photographer:

Gotta love the classic b&w against a black background. I love how adoringly Laura Lee is looking at Graeme:

We also got Cole to do this shot. This was right before Graeme peed all over him. And Cole was such a good sport about it too:

Laura Lee requested this set-up. Graeme was so comfortable laying on his dad’s back:

But then I decided to stand up and as soon as clicked the shutter, I knew this was going to be one of my most favorite shots ever and I was so right. Gorge:

It was an unusually mild day in February when we did the shoot, so we took little Graeme outside. Laura Lee thought it would be cute to place him the mailbox: “Special Delivery!” Then my husband commented when he saw the picture, “Oh I get it!” and I looked at him like, “really???” But he was remarking on the fact that Graeme was born on the 16th….and it just so happens to be their house number! None of us caught that at all:

Their porch has this gorgeous rustic stone that made the perfect backdrop and Grandma’s wrap came in handy once again:

We ended our session with some mommy & baby pictures:

Thank you Laura Lee & John, Grandpa Jean & Grandma Barbara & of course the 3 adorable boys Cole, Braden & Graeme for allowing me to capture this very special time in your family! And Zoe can’t wait to come back for a play date with Cole & Braden!!!

  • despina dallas-lyssikatos - May 9, 2012 - 9:53 pm

    beautiful pictures-laura lee is a very good friend of mine and i just loved seeing how you captured the wonderful interactions between parents and children and between siblings. very well done-laura lee and family will treasure these photos forever.ReplyCancel

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