My Sweet Piper


Yes, I know! I’ve been horribly neglecting my blog. But really, adjusting to 2 kids is a big, well, adjustment. I think I’ll have time to devote to doing a blog post or editing pictures and next thing I know its bedtime! And once Zoe is in bed, I’m d-o-n-e! And I veg in front of the tv. Part of the problem is that Piper is super snuggly and loves to be held. She’s also a little colicky (we’re on her third formula!) so we need to hold her a lot. And her nick-name is the “sleeping pill” because once she’s on you and all snuggled in and asleep, chances are you will be asleep shortly too! But she’s almost 2 months old and will smile once in a while (although she did spit up right after smiling the other day, so maybe she wasn’t really smiling at me…) but she will “coo” occasionally and its SO.CUTE!

I wanted to share some photos of Piper. Some are from her newborn session, some are from the hospital and some are from our first few days at home.

This is her “official” picture. Its on her birth announcement and I had a big canvas printed of it for her room:

If you know me, you know I LOVE baby feet. And these are my current favorite feet:

Her lips are so sweet and kissable:

Pretty in purple:

More sweet feet:

Love this little outtake of Zoe checking out Piper:

Speaking of Zoe, the bestest big sister ever, I couldn’t help snap a few pictures of my big girl. Those eyes. They KILL me. Seriously:

My girls:

When I found out the baby was due in January, I wished and hoped for snow. Preferably for us to get a pretty snow storm about a week or two after the baby would be born. I envisioned an image in my head. I was so disappointed with the mild weather we were having and thought my chances of a snow picture were slim to none. I was delighted when we had an itsy-bitsy snow storm and before it turned over to rain, we ran out and got this shot. (Don’t worry, she was bundled up under the scarf and Rob was holding a huge golf umbrella over her. Plus we were out there for 5 minutes tops!):

Rewind to January 5th, the day Piper was born. I was laying my hospital bed, confined from my c-section, so I was very limited in the angles I could capture. As Rob changed her tiny diaper, I caught this shot. I LOVE it sosososo much:

Rob took these (camera in auto mode so not the greatest in terms of technical imagery, but so perfect to me):

Proud daddy, admiring his newest love:

The calm before the storm (the storm being both of our immediate families crammed into my hospital room to meet Piper for the first time):

Zoe meeting and holding her sister for the first time:

The next day, she walked into my room and upon seeing Piper said, “I hold that?”:

Zoe loves her sister:

I just love this shot of Zoe being silly while visiting me on my last full day before going home:

Once we got home, Zoe wanted to hold her all the time. She still does, but not as often. But she is still fascinated by her:

Zoe loves Piper’s little hands and feet:

And Piper seems to really love Zoe:

Zoe loves to help feed her. And will even dab her mouth with the burp cloth if she drools:

Even the dogs are more accepting this time around. Devo seems to love kissing her and having her snuggle with him:


I also wanted to include the video of Zoe holding Piper for the first time. Its so sweet:

We’re still adjusting to life with 2 kids over here, and there is not a dull day to be had. It’s funny, the first night I was home from the hospital, as we sat at the dinner table, an overwhelming feeling came over me. I suddenly felt like we were complete. We were now a complete family. Like Piper was the missing piece of the pie (get it? PIE?) A piece I didn’t even know was missing till she was in her home, right where she belonged.

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