3 Babies Under 2: A Holiday Session

Its getting cold here in NY. And being a natural light photographer, I prefer to shoot outdoors. I don’t mind the cold because when I have the camera in my hands and I’m “in the zone”, meaning taking pictures, I don’t feel the elements. Hot, cold, snow, rain. But believe me, as soon as that camera is put down, I suddenly feel it. So when I received an email about doing a holiday shoot for 20 month old twins Madeline & Elizabeth and their 23 month old cousin, Matthew, I was worried it wouldn’t work out with babies so young. But our weather is nothing if not unpredictable lately and one day we can be kind of warm and the next unbearably cold. Naturally, the morning we had our session it was unbearably cold. And windy. And I thought that would be my only challenge…

I had scored an awesome antique sleigh the weekend before the shoot and I had made up my mind that we were doing this outside. No matter what. As soon as I arrived at the grandparents’ house, I was greeted by “Good Luck. I hope you have a lot of patience.” Um….uh-ho…..one twin was already having a melt down, the other happily eating a bagel and the little boy must have been being good because I don’t remember him doing anything else. Madeline, the adorable twin who was crying when I got there, pretty much didn’t stop the entire time I was there. Elizabeth, my other twin, was good. Most of the time. And Matthew, well, he just didn’t really want to cooperate. At all.

But fear not! I still managed to get some absolutely gorgeous pictures of each kid, at least one good one of the girls and at least one half-way decent one of all 3 kids. Easiest shoot, this was not. But what fun would that be? And that is really an occupational hazard of being a childrens photographer I suppose.

This is pretty little Elizabeth. She was so calm and serene. In the beginning…:

Twin sister Madeline, who when she stopped crying, is absolutely gorgeous:

I lovelovelove this picture:

Matthew, with the piercing eyes:

One decent shot of all three kids and although no one is looking at me, no one was crying either! And my last shot of the session. The babies were in full-on meltdown mode at this point:

Thank you Rodriguez family! Those babies are so beautiful and I know they really are sweet! And thank you SO much for your kind hospitality!

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